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High School Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble

High School Band (Grades 8-12) 

High School Concert Band is a performing ensemble comprised of students in grades 8-12.  The Senior High Band meets every other academic day during 8th period over the course of the entire school year. Students will study a wide variety of contemporary and classical concert band selections at a higher degree of difficulty than that of the Middle School Band.  Attendance at scheduled concerts (school concerts and competitive performances and trips) is MANDATORY, as failure to attend scheduled events could adversely affect the student's final grade. 

All Senior High Band members will be required to march in the Homecoming Parade, the Bloomfield area Memorial Day Parades, as well as a number of competitive marching band events in the spring.  all marching band rehearsal will be int eh evening.  all fall and spring marching band events are on the Music Calendar.  

High School Jazz Ensemble

High School Jazz Ensemble is a performing group comprised of top musicians in the high school music program. Members of the current ensemble are chosen by the band director in the previous school year.  All rehearsals (including early morning or late night rehearsals) are mandatory.  The jazz ensemble performs on a Winter and spring concert, as well as competitions in the spring.  Jazz Ensemble meets period 7 on B days and students who fail to fulfill their obligations to the ensemble through outstanding attendance and diligent practice will be removed and replaced. 

Music students learn commitment as part of a team working toward a common goal. It is important that the performing group as a whole be a stable "team" in order to be successful.  All students are therefore committing to the program and the performances for the entire year. Extenuating circumstances may create exceptions where both the teacher and parents agree that it would be best for the student to leave the program. A parent teacher conference would be necessary before any such exceptions could be made.  

Concert Dress Code: All Black. (For both jazz and concert bands)