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Food Service Information
Bloomfield Central School believesthat one of the most important ways in which we can help our childrenperform better in their classrooms is to provide them with the nutritionnecessary for the healthy growth of their minds and bodies. Therefore,we provide a nutritious lunch at a great value to our school everyday.As part of the new National School Lunch Program, a nutrient analysis ofall menus offered in our lunch program will be done. The purpose ofthis is to make sure that the students purchasing a lunch will receivethe proper amount of calories, with 30 percent or less calories from fatand 10 percent or less from saturated fat.

If your child has a food allergy, we need a notice from his/her doctor.We are not allowed to make substitutions without notice from yourchild's doctor.

Charging is not allowed in the Middle-High School or the Elementary School building.

We encourage prepayment of lunches. The lunches may be prepaid by theweek, month, or longer. Checks should be made out to the "School LunchFund" and given to the cashier.

Lunch prices: Elementary School (K-5), $2.50, and Middle-High School(6-12), $2.50. Adult price will be $3.50. The State of New York and theUSDA mandate the National School Breakfast Program. Why? In anutshell--hungry children can't learn.Many national surveys show thatwell-nourished children's cognitive abilities are heightened, visits tothe nurse's office are minimized, and overall behavior is improved.Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet it is also the mostskipped meal. Sometimes students who are not ready to eat when theyfirst get up, are ready for a meal upon arrival at school. Breakfastwill be available to all students starting the first day of school for$1.50 (25 cents reduced price). Those qualified for free orreduced-price lunch are automatically eligible for free or reduced-pricebreakfasts.

Bloomfield Central School Charge Policy
Good nutrition isessential to learning and the Bloomfield Central School District doesnot want any child to go hungry in school. Our goal is to servenutritionally balanced meals to our students at breakfast and lunch. Weencourage all families that qualify to participate in the NationalSchool Lunch Free and Reduced Price Meal Program to insure that theirchild is adequately fed at school. For those who do not qualify for theprogram, it is their responsibility to see that their children have alunch prepared at home or money to purchase a lunch at school.

The Food Service Program is a self-supporting entity within the schooldistrict and cannot incur unpaid charges. Therefore, we have institutedthe following procedure:

1. K-5 students lacking sufficient cash to purchase a school meal willbe able to charge 3 meals with the expectation that the charges will bepaid immediately. Middle/High School students will be able to charge 1meal with the expectation that the charge will be paid immediately.

2. An Elementary School student with 3 outstanding charges will beprovided a sandwich and milk and will be charged for this lunch untilpayment has been received.

3. Elementary School parents will be notified when 3 charges haveaccumulated. It is expected that all incurred charges will be paidimmediately either online OR by sending cash, check or money order tothe school with the child for payment to the cashier during lunch OR bymailing a check or money order to the above address.

4. If the charge balance has not been paid within a reasonable time fromthe date of receipt of the charge notification and a pattern of notproviding a bag lunch or money for lunch for a child is noted, yourchild could be denied service.

At every step of the way, we strongly encourage all families that mayqualify to apply for free or reduced price meals at any time to helpstretch food budgets and insure that their children are adequately fedeach day at school.