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Introducing Parent Square - Our New Communication Tool  ParentSquare logo

ParentSquare is designed to keep parents informed and facilitate participation at school. It provides a safe way for the school principal, teachers, staff, and parents to: 

Here’s what you can do with ParentSquare:

    • Receive messages from the school via email, text or app notification 
    • Choose to receive information as it comes or all at once at 6pm daily
    • Communicate in your preferred language
    • Comment on school postings to engage in your school community
    • Direct message teachers, staff and other parents
    • Participate in group messages
    • Sign up for parent-teacher conferences with smart online technology
    • Send payments, sign forms & permission slips, receive report cards, sign up to volunteer and more all from your phone or web portal


 All school, grade level, and classroom information will now be sent to your computer or phone via email and/or text or you can download the free App.


The Help & Support question mark in the top right corner can help answer most of your questions. So join in!

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Users can change their notification frequency for posts:  you can receive them instantly  (when they are posted) or as a digest at 6 pm. 
  • All posts would be sent at 6 pm each night.  
  • If the user with the Digest setting turned on looks at the app or web browser, they will see the posts. 
  • The Digest user will still receive emergency communications instantly sent by Smart Alert or when a user sends a post instantly. 
  • Messages, communication directed to small groups or individuals, are sent instantly.  
Set-Up Directions 
1.  Click on the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner 
2.  Select Preferences 
3. Click on Notification Settings
4.  You can create several preferences here.  
  • select or unselect your choices for receiving messages
  • you can also choose to receive instant emails or one email digest at the end of the day (text messages and app notifications are always instant) 
  • to change app push notification settings, click on "Tap to view/change push notification settings"  
Please contact Kristin Warren, District Registrar  
585-657-6121 ext.  4004
No. Registering your account allows you to customize your preferences, but it's not necessary to register in order to receive messages.  Initially, without registering you will receive email communicaitons.  
Yes.  The schooltool portal account for parents provides information about your child's schedule.  In the secondary building, it provides access to class assignments and grades.  
There are a couple of things to check: 
  • We do not have your correct email or phone number 
  • The same phone number or email address is used for both parents, so only one parent is getting the messages.  
  • It is in your spam folder - please check your spam folder. 
  • You have turned off all the modes of communication in your ParentSquare account.  
If none of these solve the problem please contact us through this form:   LINK