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Clubs and Sports

Chess Club
The Chess Club meets every week during tenth period. These meetings are informal and open to any interested students. During this time students compete against one another while receiving feedback from the advisors. The Chess Club also attends 5-6 formal meets per year wherein students will compete against students from other area school districts. Participation in the meets requires parents to complete a consent form. Students leave Bloomfield for the meets around 2:30 and usually return by 6:30.

Middle School Student Council (MSSC)
Student council in the Middle School is for any middle school student wanting to participate. Meetings are held once a month during 10th period in the advisors classroom. Notifications of meetings will be in the morning announcements. MSSC organizes community service projects; hosts after school events like candy bar bingo, dances, and crafts etc. Often the group will talk about changes we would like to see in our school and offer a forum for discussions regarding our school community.

National Junior Honor Society
National Junior Honor Society is an organization to create enthusiasm for scholarship; stimulate a desire to render service; promote leadership to develop character; and encourage citizenship in the Middle School students of Bloomfield. Selection for membership is determined by cumulative grade point average of 94.5 % by the end of the 3rd marking period of the 7th grade year and students that qualify academically will be notified and must complete a student activity form and submit it to the Faculty Council. The form will allow students to demonstrate their eligibility in the areas of citizenship, character, leadership and service. To maintain membership in the National Junior Honor Society the members are expected to continue to exemplify the qualities that qualified them for induction. Members must attend regular meetings and participate in a group community service project. The group may also plan other educational and or social activities to enhance their personal and school experiences. Membership will run through the 8th grade and does not automatically qualify them for the National Honor Society.

Academic Challenge Bowl
Academic Challenge Bowl is a lively and challenging academic competition for middle school students in grades 7 and 8. Academic Challenge Bowl uses the College Bowl format for each match. The questions cover a broad range of topics including: literature, science, history, religion, current events, math, geography, and music. Students compete both as individuals and as a team. Matches are played in two halves, with four students playing at a time. Students must ring in and recognized before answering each question. There are four or five meets per year and two games are played at each meet. Students who participate in Academic Challenge Bowl often join the MasterMind Team for grades 9–12.

Intramurals (6th grade only)
During 10th period 6th grade students can participate in intramurals. There are different opportunities each month and are posted and announced during PE classes. Intramurals have included: softball, kickball, badminton, snowshoeing, basketball, volleyball and fitness center. Instructors vary.

Bowling Intramurals
Students in grades 6-12 can attend bowling intramurals one week night from November - February. Students will be transported to Roseland Bowl after school; bowl 2 games and return to BCS around 5:00PM. Parent will need to pick up their student. Registration and specific dates will be announced in late Fall.

Ski Club
For Grades 6-12, beginners-advanced skiers. One day week during winter month’s transportation and supervision are provided for students to enjoy skiing at Bristol Mountain for a fee. Lessons and rentals available. Informational meetings will be held in the fall semester.

Environmental Club
Open to grades 6-12 and activities are decided on & organized by the club. Things done in the past include planting seeds, trees, BCS Nature Trail cleanups, ipod & brochure for nature trail, recyclable projects, daily awareness tips on TV in cafeteria, movie nights, make & take bag night promoting reusable bags, promoting recycling in school. Activities and how much we get done depend on participation of members in the club because it's your club. Check out a meeting and attend when you can

Yearbook Staff
The yearbook staff works together and learns to use art, photography, desktop publishing, writing, and editing skills to publish a book that creates lasting memories of the school year.

Foreign Language Club
Language Club is a group that celebrates different cultures from around the world. The club is open to students in grades 7-12 that is currently enrolled in French or Spanish. Meetings will included cultural activities such as: crafts, food preparation, and holiday celebrations. There are also field trip opportunities available through the club.

Interact Club
Rotary is a service club. The club is a fun way for students to become involved with volunteering and fund raising to benefit the our local community, national and international causes. Students will have several opportunities to meet people from other interact clubs and to attend conferences, meetings and workshops to learn more about Rotary.

Leo Club
A youth version of the Lions Club International that provides service and leadership opportunities for youths ages 12-18. The Bloomfield Lions Club will advise the group. The students will meet 1-2 times a month and will participate in a variety of community service projects that they group organizes. www.lionsclub.org