Mrs. Katrina Smith Recognized by BOE

The Bloomfield Central School District Board of Education recognized High School Social Studies teacher Katrina Smith at their January 23 rd meeting. In December Mrs. Smith was named as one of only 98 teachers in New York State to be recognized this year with “Gold Star Certification”. This certification means that she has demonstrated that she has met the highest standards in the teaching profession. In order to achieve this accomplishment, Mrs. Smith needed to submit written pieces and videos demonstrating a wide range of teaching skills. In addition, she had to participate in a performance-based assessment. These submissions were subsequently judged by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards. In order for the Board to award “Gold Star Certification” submissions had met or exceed the rigor and quality expected from those who would be deemed at the highest level of the teaching profession. We commend Mrs. Smith on her pursuit of excellence and we are honored to have her as a faculty member in Bloomfield.