Middle School Students Awarded and Recognized

We celebrated the hard work of our sixth, seventh and eighth grade students at the Middle School Awards and Recognition Assembly earlier this week.

Congratulations to all of our award recipients, as well as Mrs. Alden, Mrs. Bird and Ms. Hahn on their upcoming retirements!

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  • ACADEMIC CHALLENGE BOWL: Harry Masseth, Alvine Miense Kikunda & Yohance Miense-Shepard
  • CHESS CLUB: Elijah Farrelman, Harry Masseth, Alvine Miense Kikunda, Yohance Miense-Shepard, Ian Norman, Dominic Rossi, Graham Seddon, Bryce Seeley, Ryan Shaul & Caleb Wirth
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL: Addison Falsone, Sydney Falsone, Clara Hawkins, Leah Long, Gabriella Lovejoy, Lilly Martin, Elizabeth Morsheimer, Kelsey O'Brien & Allie Steinbach


  • ART: Rose Casciani, Emory Didas, Evelyn Fenster, Lauren Forrett, Clara Hawkins, Brianna Luongo, Julia McNally, Emmett Porpora, Grant Rogers, Marley Schmitt, Madeline Seddon, Bryce Seeley, Ryan Shaul, Liam Whiting & Jackson Wright
  • MUSIC: Gracelyn Ayers, Emily Barrows, Paige Boyd, Katie Colegrove, Katelyn Cross, Hollis Didas, Emilia Dziendziel, Addison Falsone, Sydney Falsone, Elijah Farrelman, Evelyn Fenster, Lauren Forrett, Zoe Hall, Drew Hawkins, Ben Honecker, Raelynn Hysack-Austin, Jack Johnston, Jackson Kemper, Gabriella Lovejoy, Harry Masseth, Aspen Newstead, Graham Seddon, Madeline Seddon, Bryce Seeley, Isabella Seeley, Brandon Thompson & Teagan Tutty
  • PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Dominic Carl, Katelyn Cross, Isaac Franco, Ben Honecker, Evalynn Howlett, Raelynn Hysack-Austin, Jack Johnston, Cody Kiss, Harry Masseth, Alvine Miense Kikunda, Tyler Reed, Brinn Rogers, Grant Rogers, Graham Seddon, Madeline Seddon, Bryce Seeley, Isabella Seeley & Teagan Tutty
  • TECHNOLOGY: Owen Cavagnaro, Evalynn Howlett, Cody Kiss, Owen Lovejoy, Teagan Tutty & Evelyn Wallace
  • "TECHSPERT" AWARD: Marc McGlory


Team Awards recognize students who are hard working and exhibit a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.

  • 6TH: Wesley Duvall, Chevelle Jenkins, Wyatt Miglio, Clara Reed, Greysen Richards, Brinn Rogers & Elle Wyand
  • 7TH: Katelyn Cross, Emory Didas, Aspen Newstead, Ian Norman, Grant Rogers, Jaunett Smith, Evelyn Wallace & Alana Zambito
  • 8TH: Julia Behen, Braydon Brick, Dominic Carl, Sydney Falsone, Sophia Hooten, Evalynn Howlett, Gabriella Lovejoy & Madeline Seddon


Awarded to sixth and seventh grade students who have a grade point average higher than 95 percent this school year.

  • 6TH: Emily Barrows, Katie Colegrove, Hollis Didas, Liam Donnelly, Emilia Dziendziel, Graham Elder, Evelyn Fenster, Zoe Hall, Jackson Kemper, Samuel McConnell, Sophia Melendez Chastang, Andrew Outlaw, Karrighan Pagel, Rachel Pellett, Emmett Porpora, Everett Purcell, Graham Seddon, Bryce Seeley, Ian Stochl, Teagan Tutty, Madeleine Wilson, Jackson Wright & Jasmine Zello
  • 7TH: Paige Boyd, Katelyn Cross, Emory Didas, Alina Hagen, Jack Johnston, Aspen Newstead, Ian Norman, Grant Rogers, Brennan Thomas, Evelyn Wallace & Alana Zambito


Awarded to eighth grade students with a cumulative grade point average of 90 percent or higher in middle school.

The President’s Education Awards Program has recognized student excellence and achievement since 1983. Founded in 1983, the President’s Education Awards Program (PEAP) honors graduating elementary, middle and high school students for their achievement and hard work. 

  • Slade Acoff, Braydon Brick, Carley Bruder, Dominic Carl, Rose Casciani, Addison Falsone, Sydney Falsone, Lauren Forrett, Alayna Garlapow, Wyatt Hall, Clara Hawkins, Evalynn Howlett, Ben Learn, Josiah Logan, Leah Long, Gabriella Lovejoy, Harry Masseth, Julia McNally, Cameron Mitchell, Elizabeth Morsheimer, Joseph Nacca, Kelsey O'Brien, Kelsey Owens, Rebecca Pare, Elijiah Perrin, Brayden Perry, Macoy Rogers, Marley Schmitt, Madeline Seddon, Isabella Seeley, Ryan Shaul, Quinn Stalker, Allie Steinbach, Quinlan Tolbert, Prassede Vargas Collins, Maximillion Williams & Sebastian Williams


Awarded to students from each grade level who exhibit Bomber expectations, most notably “Be Kind.”

  • 6TH: Hollis Didas & Everett Purcell
  • 7TH: Julian Elder, Alexandria Nolan, Kaitlyn Perdue, Jackson Rogers & Raegan Rzepka
  • 8TH: Lilly Martin & Allie Steinbach


Two outstanding students in each grade level who are selected by their teachers for exemplary character and integrity within the school community.

  • 6TH: Alvine Miense Kikunda & Teagan Tutty 
  • 7TH: Paige Boyd & Jack Johnston 
  • 8TH: Addison Falsone & Isabella Seeley