Get to Know Alaina Benzer, Elementary School Principal

Get to Know Alaina Benzer, Elementary School Principal

With the 2023-24 school year back in full swing, we’re sure many of our younger students and their parents/guardians have noticed we have a new principal at Bloomfield Elementary School –  introducing Ms. Alaina Benzer!


For those who may not already know, Benzer took on the role of elementary school principal after our previous principal, Mr. Eric Vaillancourt, changed positions over the summer to become our new Director of Teaching, Learning and Accountability.


Before beginning her journey at Bloomfield, Benzer worked in both general and special education settings in first and second grade at Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District, as well as an instructional coach and building administrator at Midlakes Elementary School. Prior to that, she served as a fifth grade teacher at School #33 in the Rochester City School District.


Get to Know Alaina Benzer, Elementary School Principal


“I’m eager to bring my experience as an elementary classroom teacher and the work I have done in the areas of literacy and multi-tiered systems of support to collaborate with and support our staff and students,” said Benzer. “Elementary schools are magical places and I am committed to working to foster that magic and make our school a safe place where everyone feels loved, supported, valued, and inspired.”


Benzer has two daughters, Charlotte and Sydney, who will both be attending Bloomfield Elementary School this year. The family has a golden retriever named Leo and a black tuxedo cat named Crosby. She credits her parents as two of her favorite people and who she has looked up to her entire life. She also has two sisters, Kate and Molly.


Get to Know Alaina Benzer, Elementary School Principal


As the school year progresses, Benzer says she is eager to put some of her recent training to good use.


“I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of the board and leadership retreats,” said Benzer. “We recently completed a fantastic Responsive Classroom training that has me very excited. I appreciate how the approach is student-centered and encompasses both academic and social and emotional competencies.”


So, why work in Bloomfield? Benzer credits the small town and beautiful community. When she was younger she would visit to play travel basketball games, and has fond memories of stopping for ice cream or a fish fry at Cheap Charlies.  


“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to bring my experience to the students and families here in Bloomfield,” said Benzer. “I hope to learn a lot from the students, staff, families, and community members this year and for many years to come!”


Fun Facts About Principal Benzer

  • She attended SUNY Geneseo for her undergraduate studies before earning a Master’s Degree in literacy education from the University of Pittsburgh.
  • She cherishes trips to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Canandaigua Lake, and the Adirondack Mountains.
  • She played soccer, basketball, and softball in high school, and played soccer collegiately for SUNY Geneseo. She credits her love of soccer to watching her father coach men’s soccer at Nazareth College and St. John Fisher College. She also coached varsity softball and soccer while working at Midlakes.
  • Her favorite band is Fleetwood Mac. She sang in her high school chorus and played the alto saxophone for four years.
  • She is a fan of Syracuse University basketball and the New York Yankees.
Get to Know Alaina Benzer, Elementary School Principal