Bloomfield Rotary Club Donates 20 books to Bloomfield Elementary School

bloomfield rotaryThe Bloomfield Rotary Club donated 20 books this week to Bloomfield Elementary School. At the Rotary Club’s meeting on Monday morning, our Elementary Principal Mr. Eric Vaillancourt accepted the donation on the District’s behalf.

The books donated include:

-Owl Diaries Books 1–5 by Rebecca Elliot

-Rainbow Fairies Books 1–4 by Lauren Brooke

-Looking for Bigfoot by Bonnie Worth

-Spooky and Spookier by Lori Haskins 

-What Was Pompeii? By Jim O’Connor

-Dog Man: The Supa Epic Collection 1–6 by Dav Pilkey

-The Creature of the Pines by Adam Gidwitz

-After the Fall by Dan Santat

-Ada Byron Lovelace & the Thinking Machine by Laurie Wallmark

-Salt in His Shoes by Deloris Jordan and Roslyn Jordan

-Malala’s Magic Pencil by Malala Yousafzai

Bloomfield Superintendent Andy Doell said he knows the students at Bloomfield Elementary will love these books and that the donation signifies how strong the community of Bloomfield values reading and literacy. 


donated books

“Partnerships between school districts and service organizations are more important than they have ever been,” Mr. Doell said. “Serving students and promoting literacy in a community is an endeavor that creates a lasting impact on both families and communities. When we can come together to support students, everyone wins.”

Ms. Meg Huff, Bloomfield Rotary Club President, said Rotary International has seven areas of focus for its mission to do good in the world. Education is one of these, and promoting literacy and reading fall under this area. 

Our Bloomfield Rotary Club, along with many others in our district, supports this endeavor, Ms. Huff said. District 7120 holds a literacy seminar each year so that clubs can share ideas and discuss ways to assist the schools in advancing reading among our youth. 

For many years, it has been customary for clubs to purchase dictionaries for the third grade classes in their schools. However, at the 2022 seminar, Ms. Huff said the Club was informed by several teachers who were present that the children now use their computers to look up words, and no longer need a book dictionary. 

“So our club decided to donate books for reading pleasure instead,” Ms. Huff said. Mr. Doell and Mr. Vaillancourt provided a wishlist of books that she was able to order online, she said. 

We now have a total of 20 books to give to the third grade classroom teachers,” Ms. Huff said. We are confident that the children will enjoy all of these stories. The compilation includes fantasy, adventure, ghost stories, historical events, and biographies. We hope that this is the start of a new tradition and that we will do it again next year and the years to come.”

Thank you to Ms. Huff and the Bloomfield Rotary Club for their extraordinary donation and dedication to promoting a lifelong love of reading in our schools!

Mr. Vaillancourt with books