Back to School Forms for Grades 6-12

Dear Parents and Guardians,
At the request of many parents and to help reduce costs we are trying to digitize as many forms as possible this school year.  Most of these forms require a student and parent signature so please complete them when both you and your child can review them together.  There will be paper copies in the main office if you prefer a paper version.  
Middle School Dance Expectations and signature from    for students in Grades  6-8   (please read to the bottom and click the form link) 
These policies for review.  After reading them please fill out the signature form listed underneath the first 4 links.  
Acceptable Use Policy  for students in Grades 6-12 
Use of Electronic Devices by Students     for students in Grades 6-12
Chromebook form for students in grades 8-12
All parents need to review this form.  If you do not object to the district publishing any of the information in the form, please leave the boxes unchecked and sign and submit the form.  
Parent Handbook  - no signature needed, this is for you informational information