Important Message from Superintendent

Earlier this morning, Monday, March 11, the Bloomfield Central School District was made aware of a potential threat to our students and school.


Immediately, we began our emergency protocol, including putting the high school in a shelter in place and contacting our School Resource Officer and local law enforcement, so they could further investigate this matter.  Through their investigation, the New York State Police and Ontario County Sheriff’s Department have deemed the potential threat to be not credible.


All students and staff remained safe at all times, and have continued with their instructional day.


We will continue to work in partnership with the local law enforcement when safety concerns like this arise. Any additional questions regarding this matter should be directed to the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office.


This situation is an example of the importance the Bloomfield Central School District places on school safety and the fact that every threat is taken seriously by the District and law enforcement.  Students and others who threaten our schools will be treated accordingly by the authorities and District.


Our goal continues to be clear communication with you when safety concerns arise. We encourage you to discuss this current event with your child and emphasize the seriousness of the issue.


As always, our number one priority remains the well-being and safety of our students and staff.