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HS Counseling Office

High School Counselors:
Mrs. Gretchen Fisher: gfisher2@bloomfieldcsd.org
A-L grades 9-11
A-J grade 12

Mrs. Felice Prindle: fprindle@bloomfieldcsd.org
M-Z grades 9-11
K-Z & IB Diploma Students Grade 12

Middle/High School Psychologist:
Dr. Jon Grasso: jgrasso@bloomfieldcsd.org Grades 6-12

High School Counseling Office Secretary:
Mrs. Lori Ehmer: lehmer@bloomfieldcsd.org

High School Counseling Office
Phone Number: 585-657-6121 ext. 1004
Fax Number: 585-657-4771

Our counseling office has a wealth of information on colleges, scholarships, career information and much much more! Please feel free to speak with your counselor at any time and browse through the information available to you. We have several computers that our students can use to register for the standardized tests, college searches, fill out online applications, etc. We are here to help assist you throughout your high school career--come on down and get to know your counselor!

For more information on standardized testing, financial aid and scholarships, and college and career preparation, please refer to the links in the left margin.