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AP/IB and Gemini Courses

College Level Courses Offered at Bloomfield

AP: Advanced Placement

College-level courses for which students may receive credit upon matriculation to college, depending upon the AP exam scores. 


English Literature
World History
US History
Government and Politics 
Music Theory

Learn more about Advanced Placement.

Student Access to AP scores:  On line AP Access

IB: International Baccalaureate

College-level courses for which students may receive credit upon matriculation to college, depending upon the IB exam scores. 


Language and Literature I/IIH
History of the Americas (HOTA) I/II
Biology I/II
French I/II
Spanish I/II
Spanish Initio
French Initio
Standard Level Math
Math Studies
Design Technology I/II
Visual Arts I/II
Theory of Knowledge

IB Diploma Program

Students at Bloomfield can take individual IB courses or be part of the IB Diploma Program


Gemini (Concurrent Enrollment):

College courses taught in the high school for which college and high school credits are awarded for the same course. Credit is transcript on an official college transcript. 

Gemini /FLCC-Finger Lakes Community College Courses:

General Biology (co seated with AP/IB Bio)
General Chemistry (co seated with AP Chem)
Environmental Science
Freshman Composition I/II
Personal Money Management (Financial Planning)
Basic Weight Training (every other year)
Physical Conditioning (every other year)
Stress Reduction Through Exercise
Principles of Accounting
French I/II
Spanish I/II
Business Math (College Math) 
Basic Musicianship
Music Appreciation 
Computer Programming

Gemini Tuition: GEMINI CREDITS WILL BE FREE!  There will be a $5/per credit hour registration fee.  If students have free/reduced  lunch this is waived.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How does the Gemini Program differ from AP/IB?

  • Actual college credit is earned and transcript at the end of each semester
  • Success is based on a variety of assessments throughout the semester, not solely upon one test
  • FLCC courses follows college syllabus and textbooks 

Who is eligible to participate in the Gemini Program?

  • Juniors and seniors - sophomores may enroll in courses with the following prefixes CSC; FRN; PE;GST;SPN 
  • Successful completion of English 11 Regents exam for ENG 101

Note: Requests for enrollment exceptions are considered on a case by case basis. Please contact your high school counselor for details. 

Why should I choose to participate in the Gemini Program?

  • Saves Money!
  • Alleviates the high stakes testing associated with AP and IB courses
  • Provides the academic edge needed for acceptance into highly selective colleges
  • Avoids instructional repetition at the college level
  • Can lead to time-shortened degrees, dual majors, minors, studying abroad, internships, etc.
  • Students are considered part-time FLCC students with library and other privileges
  • Opportunity to receive a $1,000 Gemini Scholarship for attending FLCC upon graduation 

Will the credits earned through the Gemini Program transfer to any college?

Yes, courses offered through the Gemini Program are FLCC courses and transfer to any college that accepts FLCC credits. However, it is the prerogative of any receiving college whether to accept transfer credit. All students should keep a portfolio of their work and consult with their anticipated future college before taking any college course.

Additional FLCC Gemini information and Student Guide:  Gemini