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District Mission, Vision, and Beliefs

Purpose of the Bloomfield Central School District:  Educate Every Student 
Bloomfield CSD Mission Statement:  Providing the foundation for our student's success in the world community.  
Bloomfield CSD Vision Statement:  Believe, Challenge, Support 
1.  Believe in the students of Bloomfield.
2.  Believe that every day you make a difference in their lives. 
3.  Believe in the knowledge and skills you bring to the students and to your colleagues. 
4.  Believe that together we make the district stronger. 
1.  There is no growth without challenge.
2.  Challenge each student to do what they should do not just want they want to do. 
3.  Challenge each other to learn and grow. 
4.  Accept challenges and model your growth mindset for the students. 
1.  Student success is not only our goal but it is also our responsibility.  We will support each student based on their unique needs in order to ensure they achieve success. 
2.  We will take responsibility for the success of each student and our colleagues will support one another as they look to support students. 
3.  The success of the district is measured in students achieving their academic goals and staff members achieving their professional goals. Goals are best achieved through an environment of support and encouragement.