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Marion S Hallock Award

The Marion S. Hallock Award was established in 1981 by the Board of Education. This award honors the memory of Mrs. Hallock who was the principal of Bloomfield Elementary School for 23 years and honors district employees who touch the lives of our students in special ways.
  • Any school employee may be nominated to receive this honor--teachers, bus drivers, teaching assistants, secretaries, cafeteria personnel, custodians, administrators, or other employees.
  • Any resident including parents, grandparents, students, etc. or employee of the district may make a nomination.
  • All nominations should state the reason(s) for the candidate to receive the award – you are asked to make only one nomination. You may sign your name if you would like. Please provide as much detail as possible in your nomination.
  • The only criterion for the nomination is that the person named goes beyond the call of duty, is an exceptional friend to or an outstanding model for students, or excels at getting along with others. The nominee must be “someone who goes the extra mile,” someone extra special.
A committee made up of previous recipients, community members, and Board members will review the nominations and select this year’s recipient(s).

The person(s) selected to receive the award will be announced at graduation and will receive a unique work of art created especially by Bloomfield students.
Marion S. Hallock Nomination Form
Print and mail the form (see below) to:
Attn: Marion Hallock Award Submission
Bloomfield Central School
45 Maple Avenue, Suite A
Bloomfield, NY 14469
Or email the form as an attachment to:
Kristin Warren: [email protected]
Or you may fill out this online form:
Marion Hallock Award Winners

1981:  Mabel Marion -- Louise Radak

1982:  Elise Gilbert -- Winnifred Piper

1983:  Keith Warner -- Rick Timbs

1984:  Frank Tischer -- Judy Cermak

1985:  Gert Silvernail -- Rich Colosi

1986:  Karen Carr -- Marie Voorhees

1987:  Don Goerlich -- Sam Orlando

1988:  Louise Ortman -- Kathy Morris

1989:  Pat Conklin -- Jim Secosky

1990:  John Paulsen -- Fred Bartlett

1991:  Claudia Pitoniak -- Sue Wiegand

1992:  Ann Rosati -- Jason Taylor

1993:  Kathryn Strining -- Annita Breitweiser

1994:  Rebecca Buchholz -- Barb Di Salvo

1995:  Roslyn Duncan -- Janet Bartlett

1996:  Jackie Schultz -- Diane Arnitz

1997:  Nancy Sheehan -- Marilyn Eddy

1998:  Audrey Tyo -- Maggie Clower

1999:  Lou Gerolami -- Michele Fernaays

2000:  Keith Shepard -- Phil White

2001:  Lynne Manuel -- Barbara Powers

2002:  Patty Doane -- Tina Crowley

2003:  Melanie Cody -- Mary Anne Bailey

2004:  Malinda Quick -- Sandy Lauer

2005:  Kateri Warren -- Martin Fluegel

2006:  Nancy Gerstner -- Linda Farrell

2007:  Karen Rayburn -- Cynthia Langan

2008:  Ellen Fisher -- Keith Roll

2009:  Elizabeth Mosher -- Douglas Baylor

2010:  Bonnie Niver -- Ann Marie Erdle

2011:  Tricia Zeller -- Tina LaPiana

2012:  Beth Hoak -- Peggy Madafferi

2013:  Kim Smith -- Barnie Klueber

2014:  Terri Smith -- Meg Murphy

2015:  Claudia Rodgers -- Sue Hoag

2016:  Kim Raup -- Mike Volpe

2017:  Kate Myers -- Debbie Robinson
2018:  Patricia Wolfanger -- Bernie McGlory
2019:  Michele Havey -- Scott Hoffman
2020:  Melissa Arber  -- Dan McAlpin
2021:  Matt Roesch -- Jason Taylor
2022:  Julie Kimball -- Jon Mastin