Mr. Nicholas Fargnoli Appointed as Bloomfield Elementary Principal

The Bloomfield Central School District is pleased to announce that Mr. Nicholas Fargnoli has been appointed as Principal of the Bloomfield Elementary School. The Bloomfield Central School District Board of Education approved Mr. Fargnoli’s appointment at its July 10, 2018 meeting.
Mr. Fargnoli previously served as the Bloomfield Central Middle/High School Assistant Principal/Middle School Coordinator from July 1, 2016 to March 2018 and the Acting Elementary Principal from April through July 9, 2018.
Mr. Fargnoli will be filling the position after Mr. Scott Donnelly was appointed as the Business Administrator for the Bloomfield Central School District.
During his time in Bloomfield, Mr. Fargnoli has demonstrated student centered leadership and the ability to build positive relationships with all stakeholders within the District.
The Bloomfield Central School District is very excited to welcome Mr. Fargnoli in his new role as Bloomfield Elementary School Principal.