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Regents Physics Course Description

Mr. Darling


Welcome to Regents Physics!  Regents Physics is a non-calculus based introductory Physics course.  The main focus of this course is the development of conceptual understanding of basic concepts of physics as well as problem solving skills.  The final exam for this course is the New York State Physics Regents in June of 2011.


TextPhysics Principles and Problems  (Merrill )


Schedule: Class will meet each day of the cycle with Lab scheduled  for three days out of the six day cycle. 


Attendance:  Please review the attendance policy in the student handbook, this is my policy as well.

Equipment /Supplies: You should bring with you each day a scientific calculator, your text, a folder or binder to organize resources and a notebook.


Student Responsibilities: This IS a commencement level course. The New York State Board of Regents has stated that Regents Physics is to be considered by them to be an “ADVANCED Science Course  taken by Juniors and Seniors, which comes after students have taken other science courses and should be able to do higher level work”. This carries with it a greater responsibility on the part of the student in terms of their active participation in the learning process.  A reasonable rule of thumb might be to spend at least as much time independently studying outside of class as you spend in the classroom.  You must also meet the Regents Lab requirement of 1200 minutes of laboratory experiences with successfully completed reports as explained  by your lab instructor in order to be eligible for the Regents examination in June.


Extra Help:    Office hours to provide supplemental instruction will be established.  If these times do not work for you, individual help will be available as well.  You may also wish to develop study groups with peers from your class to help each other. I will help you to establish an effective study group.


Grading:  Grading will be done on a weighted point basis as follows:   Homework (15%) must be done on time and according to instructions to count for credit.  Quizzes (20%) will be given as needed to help the instructor to measure achievement.  Quizzes may be given without advance notice.  Tests (40%)will be announced ahead of time to allow time for study/review there will be no retests.  You will not receive a separate lab grade on your report card, credit for labs (25%) will be integrated into your class grade.


If you have any questions please  email me at : edarling@bloomfieldcsd.org

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