Letter From Our New Superintendent

Letter From Our New Superintendent

Dear Bloomfield CSD Students, Faculty, Staff, Administrators, Parents and  Community:

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as I prepare to transition to my new role in Bloomfield. Please know that I am both excited and honored to serve as your next Superintendent of Schools beginning January 1, 2018. The Bloomfield Central School District is a very special place full of opportunities for students. As I have been preparing for my new role I have come to appreciate the rich tradition that exists and have come to appreciate the district's commitment to do what is best for students. The positive climate and culture that is present throughout the district is a credit to the leadership Mr. Midey has displayed during his time in Bloomfield as well as to the teachers, administrators and support staff who care so deeply about their work with students. I am excited to be a part of the great things happening in Bloomfield and am excited to begin to get to know students, faculty, staff, parents and the Bloomfield community.

As I look forward to my new position as Superintendent I want to take the opportunity to share a little about myself as a husband, father and dedicated and passionate educational leader.

Husband- My wife is my best friend and has supported my career wherever it has taken us. Her patience, understanding and compassion for others are an inspiration to me in my work as an educator. Her sense of humor and her ability to listen and support me keeps me grounded. Her ability to handle whatever she needs to at home while I am working allows me the freedom to build relationships and be a visible presence at school and in the community. I look forward to being able to introduce her to the Bloomfield community over the next few weeks.

Father- I have been blessed with two wonderful children. My son is a junior at Houghton College. When he graduates next year, he will be certified in secondary special education and English. He tells me he wants to get into teaching because he wants to positively impact the lives of others. He is going to make a great teacher and my wife and I are excited to see where his career and passions take him.

My daughter is currently a junior in high school. She enjoys participating in soccer, basketball and lacrosse. She and I share a love for soccer and spend a lot of time together at the turf and spend a lot of time talking soccer. While she is not sure what she wants to study in college she is sure that she wants to "be a voice for those who have no voice in the world". I can't wait to see where life takes her- she is incredibly special.

I have found that being a father is one of the most difficult; yet rewarding experiences I have had in my life. As a result of my deep love for my children, I try to approach every interaction with parents from the perspective I would have if my child was facing the same problem or situation. My children have grounded me in the belief that all parents want what is best for their children and I always try to keep that in mind when I speak with a parent about a concern they may have. My desire for my children to have the best has created an urgency and commitment in my work as an educational leader. My goal is to provide ALL students with opportunities to experience success and to be as competitive as they can possibly be upon graduation so that they can find success and happiness after high school.

Dedicated and Passionate Educational Leader- I take my role as an educational leader as an honor and a privilege. I have worked extremely hard to be seen as a servant leader who is not afraid to do whatever it takes to create opportunities for students, support teachers with the resources and professional development they need to succeed and ensure that ALL students get the best education they can possibly receive. One of my fondest memories as a leader was having the chance to share the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Elementary Schools National Blue Ribbon Award with our students, our faculty and staff and with the community of Seneca Falls.That award represented what can happen when a school and community work together to positively impact the lives of students. I also have many fond memories of my work with students at Mynderse Academy. During my time as high school principal it brought me great joy to share the success stories of students we have had who graduated despite difficult circumstances. I have been very proud of the many students who have achieved success after they have left high school. These stories are cause for celebration and are opportunities to allow us to re-energize as we continue the process of improving the work of teaching and learning in our school. I am excited to now lead the efforts that will continue to facilitate high achievement, opportunities for growth and the preparation of our graduates for whatever the future may hold for them after their time in Bloomfield.

I look forward to spending more time in Bloomfield over the next few weeks and look forward to the chance to build positive relationships with students, parents, faculty, staff administrators and community members. The Bloomfield Central School District is truly a great district and I am excited to begin my work with the Bloomfield Board of Education to serve students at Bloomfield.


Andrew Doell
Superintendent- Bloomfield Central School (January 1, 2018)