Parent Letter
Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Regents Earth Science!  Regents Earth Science is a regents laboratory science class, which means students must fulfill the New York State regents requirement.  This includes 1200 minutes of laboratory work, and satisfactorily completed paperwork, which must be kept on file. To achieve this coursework, students will meet everyday for a 40 minute lecture, and every other day for a 40 minute laboratory.  Laboratory usually alternates with physical education.  

Student preparedness is vital for continued success. Everyday items include a 3-ring binder, a writing instrument, and a scientific calculator.  Students will be given their copy of the New York State Earth Science Reference Tables and a Regents Review Book.  Both of these items also need to be brought to class.  The first Regents Review book is paid for by the district, however if a review book is lost, those must be paid for out of pocket at a cost of $10.00. 

Grading is done on a total point basis.  Homework must be completed on time in order to receive full credit.  No work will be accepted after the unit is over.  Unit Tests will be given with advance notice in order to allow preparation.  Quizzes may not receive prior notice in order to allow preparation.  Quizzes may not receive prior notice.  A mid-term exam will be in January; the district sends out a shortened schedule in the mail prior to midterms.  The mid-term exam is worth 5% of the total class grade, and is written separately on the report card.  Lab grades are not separate, as they are figured into the lecture grade.  Percentages are as follows: 

class work/homework =30% 
laboratory = 30%
tests/quizzes = 40%

Extra helps is always available 12th period.  Remind students not to wait until it is too late. Often times their study hall coincides with another lab session.  With prior permission, they may come into the other labs to catch up, work in study groups, or simply ask questions.  Call or e-mail any time.  Together we can make a difference! 

Thank you, 
Victoria Barnsbee