Background Info
In our classroom learning community we will all actively participate in the learning process.  

We will take responsibility for what occurs in the learning environment despite the various challenges affecting each of us. We will develop into educated, responsible citizens who value service to others and who work cooperatively to solve problems. 

As the teacher, I will give my best effort to ensure those who are on the cusp of a breakthrough actually make it and those reluctant explorers muster the courage to venture just a little way out of their shells to try new things. 

We will celebrate triumphs with students who make discoveries and find new approaches to help those who "just didn't get it." 

Our learning will include a fantastic voyage of discovery, but it will not be limited to the language of mathematics. 

I am driven to learn from every environment I am fortunate enough to experience and to exploit opportunities to teach others new ways to use what we know collectively. 

I am privileged to have lived my childhood dream of flying aircraft and seeing a significant percentage of our world. It will be honor to share some of these experiences with students as we learn to apply concepts and solve real problems.