Science 7
This year in science we will be learning the physical setting aspects of the New York State Intermediate Science Curriculum.  The topics include Physics and Chemistry. 

Content includes:
Lab safety
Scientifc Inquiry
Motion and Forces
Simple machines
Energy- waves, forms
Other physics topics
Electricity and magnetism
Matter-solids, liquids, gases, density, phase changes
Elements- the periodic table
Other Chemistry topics

Materials needed in Class Everyday
Notebook, a composition notebook is preferred
folder or 3 ring binder for handouts
Pens and pencils 

Homework must be completed by the start of class to receive full credit
Laboratory and hands-on activities
We will usually have a quiz during the units and a test at the end of each unit. 

Absences need to be made up after school as soon as possible.  Any missed handouts will be stored in a designated folder.  It is the responsibility of the student to complete missed assignments, lab activities, quizzes, and/or tests.