Music Lessons

The lesson schedule is attached in the documents section.

**The schedule has changed! It is now a grid format, and runs from now until the middle of January. 

1. Find your child's group at the bottom - the day goes down, the group letter goes across. 
2. At the top, the dates to the left represent an entire week (6 days) of lessons. For example: 9/13-9/20, the 13th is a day 1, and the 20th is a day 6. All of the other days fall in between. 
3. The periods go across at the top. 
4. Lessons rotate just like last year, I would suggest highlighting your child's group letter in the schedule. 

***Lessons are an integral part of the music program. No child will have success in the band program without attending regularly scheduled lessons. The skills taught in weekly lessons with a qualified and experienced instrumental music instructor are what guides their practice and drives your child's success in concert and jazz band. Students who do not attend lessons and/or do not practice outside of our school time rehearsals, are failing themselves and the band ensembles in which they participate. Success in music begins at home. Encourage your child to find 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted, quiet practice time 4-5 times per week. Encourage slow, steady practice. Their practice will not always sound perfect, or very good at all! Failure and/or struggle is the first step to success. Push them to work through difficult music. They cannot succeed unless they try. If you would like your child to receive some extra help outside of their regularly scheduled lesson times, please contact me. ( 

Remember: This is a three step process: 1. Practice = 2. Success = 3. Enjoyment and Drive to Continue 
Students who skip step one will never see success and will therefore dislike being a part of the music program. They will ultimately quit before really giving themselves and the band program a chance.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you're confused with the lesson schedule.  Always check the band room door closest to the Art Wing for the day and current schedule. 

MS Lessons:  2,3,4,9,10 on B days
HS Lessons:  2,3,4,9,10 on A days