Middle School Concert Band

May 9th, 2015: Congratulations on another first place finish at Darien Lake! 

May 10, 2014:  Congratulations on a first place finish, and grand champions at Darien Lake! 

Course Description: 

Middle School Concert Band is a performing ensemble made up of students in grades 6 and 7.  Students are either continuing their musical study from the elementary level, beginning musical study on a new instrument, or are playing an instrument for the first time.  The Middle School Band is a group that meets every other academic day over the course of the entire school year.  Students will prepare for several performances throughout the year including, but not limited to a Holiday and Spring Concert, and the Darien Lake Music Festival.  All concerts are Mandatory as participation is calculated as part of the final course grade.  Seventh graders in the Middle School Band will be required to march in the following parades:  the Homecoming Parade in the fall, and the East Bloomfield Memorial Day Parade.  Members of the Select Marching Band will participate in various competitive marching band pageants, festivals, and events in the spring.  Sixth grade students are able to perform with the marching band if they wish, BUT will be admitted in the spring By Audition Only. 

Music students learn commitment as part of a team working toward a common goal. It is important that the performing group as a whole be a stable "team" in order to be successful.  All students are therefore committing to the program and the performances for the entire year. Extenuating circumstances may create exceptions where both the teacher and parents agree that it would be best for the student to leave the program. A parent teacher conference would be necessary before any such exceptions could be made.  

Concert Dress Code: Nice dress - no jeans, sneakers/flip-flops! Gentlemen: button down shirt, dress pants and shoes (tie/jacket optional) Ladies: dress or blouse and nice pants.