Classroom News

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2017 Jr. High AAS @ Brighton
Congratulations to Ryan Wollschleger and Keaton Brown

2017 Sr. High AAS @ Batavia
Congratulations to Ana Eveleigh 

2016 Jr. High Area All-State @ Bloomfield 
Congratulations to Meredith Conklin and Ryan Wollschleger 

2016 Sr. High Area All-State @ Churchville-Chili 
Congratulations to Laela Overmoyer 

2015 Jr. High Area All-State @ Rush-Henrietta High School
Congratulations to Ana Eveleigh and Addie Kirk!

2014 Jr. High Area All-State @ Pittsford-Sutherland HS 
Congratulations to Dylan Culbertson! 

2014 Sr. High Area All-State @ Webster-Schroeder HS 
Congratulations to Marguerite Archer and Eva Boebel! 

2013 Sr. High Area All-State @ Newark HS 
Congratulations to Marguerite Archer, Lochlan Boebel, Michael Malloy , and Kenny Chauby! 

2013 All-National Honor Orchestra in Nashville, TN
Congratulations to Kenny Chauby! 

2013 All-Eastern Honors Band in Hartford, CT 
Congratulations to Kenny Chauby! 

2012 Conference All-State @ Eastman 
Congratulations to Kenny Chauby! 

2012 Jr. High Area All-State @ Roberts Wesleyan
Congratulations to Jonny Cobb! 

2012 Sr. High Area All-State @ Fairport
Congratulations to Julie Stresing,  Michael Malloy, and Kenny Chauby! 

2011 Jr. High Area All-State @ LeRoy
Eva Boebel and Alex Flattery

2011 Sr. High Area All-State @ Victor
Josh Woods, John-Paul Marianacci, Kenny Chauby, and Steven Carlson