Prep Band
4th Grade Band

Bring Instrument, Band Folder, and pencil to every rehearsal and lesson. 

Lesson schedules are on the left of the website.  Please email me if your child has forgotten the password to access the Lesson Schedule Page.  

At the bottom of this page is a practice sheet that all students will be using.  We will start to use the practice sheet after the 3rd lesson.  Please feel free to print off the practice sheet if your child misplaces theirs.   

Woodwind and Brass players will need to purchase Accent on Achievement, Book 1 for their instrument.  

Clarinet and Alto Saxophone players will need a box of reeds, 2 1/2 strength. They need to keep at least 3 reeds in their case at all times because the reeds break.  

Flute, Clarinet, and Alto Saxophone players will need a cleaning cloth or swab to clean out the moisture left in their instrument after playing.  For flutes, the cloth should be about the size of a bandana or handkerchief.  Flute players will also need a cleaning rod.  For clarinets and Alto saxophones, please purchase a cleaning swab from a music store- these have a long string and weight on the end to pull through the instrument.  Please do not purchase the "fluffy
 cleaning sticks that are left in the instrument.  This type of cleaning stick leaves the moisture inside the instrument and then the moisture may "eat away"  or deteriorate the pads at a rapid rate.  

Percussion players will need to purchase Alfred's Drum Method, Book 1 and Simple Steps to Keyboard Percussion.  The Keyboard Percussion book is for their bells in their bell kit that was purchased. We will start to learn how to play the bells starting in early December.