My Resources

In rehearsals, we often use the site to listen to our band pieces. In the search engine, type in the title of the band pieces - multiple title will appear.  Narrow the search down to band literature and check fore the correct arranger, which is found on your child's band music in the top right corner. 

In lessons, we are using the program called Smart Music to learn the strategies of sight reading.  You can purchase this program for a year subscription of $40.00. 
The smart music program can also be used with their lesson book and solo choices. 

What is sight reading?  Reading and performing a piece of music without rehearsal or specific preparation. 
Purpose of sight reading: 

  • students are tested at the beginning and end of the year in order to show musical growth. 
  • students demonstrate that they can learn new music without instruction
  • students attending NYSSMA Solo Festival will be required to sight read by the judges.