School Counseling Services

What is School Counseling?

Counseling services are based on the concern or need of the child.  The primary focus of school counseling is to help the child with their emotional and behavioral experiences within the school setting.  If family issues are identified, then a referral may be made for outside family counseling. 

What Issues Can Be Addressed Through School Counseling? 

  • Social skills development
  • Building and maintaining friendships
  • Anxiety related to school/separation from parents
  • Self-Esteem/Self-Advocacy
  • Divorce
  • Grief/loss
  • Academic Frustration
  • Behavior Management
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Conflict Management 

Does Counseling Last the Entire Year? 

School Counseling is typically short term.  If long-standing issues are present, parents may be referred to an outside agency. 

How Often Would My Child Be Seen? 

Children are typically seen once during a six day cycle.  However, this can be flexible allowing children to be seen more or less frequently depending upon need.  Individual and group sessions are provided. 

Do School Counselors Provide Support to Teachers?

Yes! We frequently provide support within the classroom.  Such support may include consultation, student observation, providing classroom lessons and program, and developing behavior intervention  plans when appropriate. 

Do School Counselors Provide Support to Parents? 

Yes!  We are often an important link between parents and outside agencies and resources.  We can also be utilized as a resource regarding parenting concerns around children's' behavior or emotional issues seen at home.  Open communication between the counselor and parents is welcomed and encouraged, as it supports their child's positive school experience.