What Happens in 5th Grade?

Welcome to 5th grade parents and students!

I am looking forward to an incredible year with many new friends.  This year, students will be learning new and interesting things! These include the following: 

Math: Using the Common Core State Standards, we will be building on what was mastered last year. The majority of our focus will be on fraction and decimal work. 

Reading Workshop:  What do you like to read?  If it's a 'Just-Right' book and appropriate, you can read it! Reading Workshop usually begins with a mini-lesson, followed by independent, partner or small group reading work. 

Writing Workshop: Become an author, if you are not one already!  There are three types of writing that will be the focus of fifth grade. Starting with Narrative writing and Opinion/Argument writing, we will finish the year with Informational writing ... as we prepare for Exhibition! 

Social Studies:  Grade 5 Social Studies is based on the history and geography of the Western Hemisphere, including the development of cultures, civilizations, and empires; interaction between societies and the comparison of the government and economic systems of modern nations.

Science:  We will be learning about the human body systems beginning with the Nervous System.