Info on Speech/Language

What is speech/language?

The BCS Speech/Language Department is dedicated to the prevention, identification and treatment of communication disorders.  A communication disorder can be described as an impairment or inability to receive, send, process and/or comprehend verbal or written language. 

BCS Speech/Language Therapists service students in the following way:

Prevention of communication disorders through:  

  • speech improvement program
  • classroom consultation

Identification of communication disorders through: 

  • Screenings (kindergartens, teacher referrals)
  • IST Committee referrals 

Assessment of communication disorders

Member of the IEP Team


  • "Pull-out" therapy provided in small groups in speech therapy room
  • "Push-in" therapy provided within the classroom. 

Speech/Language evaluations and treatments may address any of the following areas:

  • articulation
  • central auditory processing
  • fluency
  • language
  • oral-motor skills
  • phonological disorders
  • pragmatics
  • voice

Additional information on particular areas of speech/language may be available under "useful links" on this website.