Colleges and Universities

Recognition of IB diploma for admission to universities and colleges

United States

Each college or university is responsible for setting its own policies on admission and placement of students. 

For a quick overview, there are recognition policy summary charts of how some universities in the U.S. recognize the IB diploma. These are available for download as a PDF document. 

A student interested in post-secondary study in the USAshould contact the college or university he or she would like to attend. As you examine the IB recognition policies of colleges and universities, make note of those institutions that interest you. Using the links available in each policy, explore the college's web site to find information on exactly what the college requires. It is your responsibility to meet all the requirements and deadlines of the specific college or university. 

In general terms, colleges and universities require you to submit an application for admission. You will be required to provide a transcript with your secondary school grades and an IB transcript. You will need to notify your high school counselor to mail out your BCS transcript. To mail out your IB transcript you will need to contact the IB Coordinator, Kathy Taylor.
In addition, you will need to have taken either the Scholastic Aptitude Test or the American College Test . Advanced Placement and IB exams, while not mandatory, will increase a students chance for securing admission to selective universities. 

Other web sites may be helpful in answering general and specific questions about the college admissions process: The National Association of College Admissions CounselingThe College Board and the Higher Education Directory and the Higher Education Resource Center of the web site for the Council of International Schools. For information on financial aid, a good place to begin is FastWeb .