IB Quotes
"Before IB, school to me was not a challenge. It was boring, and I completely didn't like it. Once I got into the IB program my thoughts of school completely changed. I started to care about school and wanted good grades, it felt like there was an actual point to school." -Aryn Rapp, 2009 IB Diploma Recipient

“The efforts put into the diploma and classes are really followed by a sense of achievement; even accomplishments from a small town translate to something internationally recognized.” -Audrey Stevens, 2008 IB Diploma Recipient

“Our holistic approach to reviewing applications for admissions include academic rigor and grades, demonstrated leadership, and involvement within and outside of school. In general, we look for academic excellence balanced by interesting and well-developed personal qualities or passions. Rochester students are intelligent and independent, seeking academic advancement and challenge. Students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program typically model such qualities and tend to thrive at our school. Our International Baccalaureate scholarship offered to students who meets the criteria reinforces the importance we place on the International Baccalaureate program.” - Pat Toporzycki, Sr. Associate Director, Office of Admissions, University of Rochester

“I am very impressed with not only the content of the IB diploma program, but also Bloomfield's willingness to provide a 'customized' education plan for my son’s needs. He is now able to converse on current world events in the light of a diverse historical perspective. He appreciates literature and is able to discuss the cultural contexts of pieces of literature, not just the works themselves. He speaks Spanish frequently at home, and is greatly looking forward to practicing what he's learned on the Barcelona trip in the spring. He has also learned to juggle many complex tasks and in-depth assignments simultaneously. As a college professor, I see him maturing into the kind of student who will be able to 'hit the ground running' as a freshman in college. I strongly feel that the IB program has allowed him to reach that level.” -MaryJo Witz, Parent

“The IB Diploma Program provides a broad-based, in -depth, challenging curriculum in high school which helps prepare students for the rigors they will find in their college studies” -Kris Shay, Director of Admissions, SUNY Geneseo