Common Outdoor Hazards

As our classes are doing outdoor activities during warm autumn days, it is always a good idea to check your child over head to toe in the evening to be certain they have not been exposed to any outdoor hazards more typically associated with warmer weather, such as, but not limited to, poison ivy, sumac, or oak, dog or deer ticks, or insect/spider bites.  Changing and laundering clothing and having your child shower or bathe following extended outdoor activities will help to reduce any risks associated with otherwise healthy outdoor play.


Let us also take this moment to remind you to check your children's scalp and hair from time to time for head lice, as they are most likely to come to our attention during the fall months following summer exposure.


If you have any questions about your child's health, please contact your private health care provider. If you have other questions pertaining to school, please feel free to contact the school nurse. Thank you for helping us help you keep our children as safe as we can.


For more information on common outdoor hazards, you may use the as well as these specific links:




Poison ivy, oak, and sumac:


Spider and insect bites: