What's on your label?
"Can you trust reading a food label to know if the food is safe for an allergic person?

The simple answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no – it depends upon the specific food manufacturer.

The laws in the United States require food manufacturers to label when one of the eight major allergens is an ingredient in the product.  However, they do not require food manufacturers to place any additional warnings on food labels for the possibility of accidental cross-contamination with any of the eight major allergens.  While some companies have voluntarily chosen to place “advisory warning/labeling” for cross-contamination, unfortunately, others have chosen not to.

The only way that you can tell if the information on a food label can be trusted regarding the possibility of cross-contamination with an allergen is to know the company’s policy on whether they label for cross-contamination or they do not.

The following website was started to share what has been learned with others that buy food for an allergic person.  It will allow you to determine if a particular food manufacturer’s label, in and of itself, can be trusted or if you need additional information to determine if the product is safe for your allergic person." - Source: Trust The Label.com

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