*Yearbook Club Meetings - Wednesday 11th period Lab 217*

2018 Senior Portraits for Yearbook

All senior photos must be submitted by November 2, 2017. 
Email  TheTorch@bloomfieldcsd.org
Upload - Images.balfour.com (use project # 872676 no password)

We also need photos of your early school years as well as current candid’s for the Senior Then and Now section. 

*Submitted photos will possibly be used at graduation etc.

If you plan to have them taken by a professional photographer, you should book an appointment well in advance. Your photograph must also meet the required specifications to be placed in the yearbook.

  • Digital  RGB photographs must be a resolution of at least 300 dpi
  • Photograph should be emailed to TheTorch@bloomfieldcsd.org or written to a disc in JPeg or tiff (.tif) format.
  • The photo will be cropped to approximately 2” x 3” in size, portrait orientation.
  • Remember: NO hats, NO props


 Baby Picture with Parent message $25 payable to “The Torch”

The “Baby Picture” (please no nudity) section of the yearbook allows for parents to submit a baby photo of their son or daughter along with a personal message (message no longer than 75 words). Parents use this section to reflect on their child’s past and to provide advice for the future.  All submissions due by November 2, 2017 

**Email pictures and messages to TheTorch@bloomfieldcsd.org  Digital photographs are preferred but we will accept printed photographs which should be submitted to Lori Ehmer in the HS Guidance Office. 

Personal Messages $10 each payable to "The Torch"

Parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, (limit of 5 per student) etc. can all write personal messages for graduating seniors. These messages are restricted to 50 words. Again, they must be submitted by November 2, 2017

Any items that cannot be digitally uploaded should be sent to the following address: 
Bloomfield Middle-High School
HS Guidance Office
1 Oakmount Avenue
Bloomfield, NY 14469

Yearbook (Pre-sale $45) - Seniors only personalized with your name embossed on the cover

Yearbook must be purchased by January 30, 2018 (this is the publisher deadline) to have senior name embossed on the cover of your yearbook.  See Mrs. Ehmer in the HS Guidance Office


You can also support the yearbook by becoming a patron. We have three levels of patronage: Bronze ($20), Silver ($30), and Gold ($45). The names of patrons will appear on our patron page in the advertising section. Patrons can be an individual’s name, family name, or an organization name. (Payable to The Torch)

Yearbook advertisement
 Eighth page $50.00
(Business Card Size)

The Torch
Bloomfield Middle High School
1 Oakmount Ave
Bloomfield, NY 14469
Attention: Lori Ehmer
585-657-6121 X:1004

Submit your copy along with payment to the above address by January 31st, 2017

Share your Candid Photos of Sports/Extracurricular Events
Spring Sports 2017, Fall Sports 2017 and Winter Sports 2017-2018

We are looking  for  your best candid shots from extracurricular events. If you have some great shots that you would like to share with the yearbook staff for possible publishing , please upload to  Images.balfour.com (use project # 872676 no password)
Email them to TheTorch@bloomfieldcsd.org
Smart Phone App "Balfour Image Share"

Questions see Mrs. Ehmer or Mrs. Rogers

Email  TheTorch@bloomfieldcsd.org

Upload - Images.balfour.com (use project # 872676 no password)