IB CAS International Service Project

IB CAS International Service Project

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By Breon Martin  |  December 4, 2017 @6:14 AM  | Spectrum News Rochester

BLOOMFIELD N.Y. — What some would consider a trip of a lifetime, for one group of students is a mission to help those less fortunate.

“In order to grow as a person and in order to grow as a group you need to give back,” said Braelin Scott, a senior at Bloomfield High School.

A group of 19 Bloomfield High School students are preparing to travel to the Dominican Republic to live and work with the ASCALA human rights organization in the Bateyes of the most impoverished areas of the country.

“A lot of us weren’t friends before this trip or this process of raising money” said Scott, and with several events like a ‘Friendsgiving’ hosted by the students three weeks before they take flight, Scott also tells us that it is crucial to interact with the group as often as possible.

“Connect with other people," he said. "You learn more about other people you learn different types of people and how to interact with different people and it really just opens you up to more friends. ”

Students like junior John Walsh agree.

“I don’t usually hang out with these people in school so this really helps. I get to know them better,” Walsh said.

Walsh also says it is important when traveling thousands of miles away from home, and that the goal is clear.

“I want to just help people in the Dominican Republic. I know there life isn’t as a great as ours, but it should be a part of my responsibility,” Walsh said.

“We had a short amount of time to make this all happen,” says Organizer and Bloomfield Counselor Felice Prindle.

Prindle says in less than six months, the group was able to get approval from the board and fundraise $14,000 to help cover program and travel expenses. She says all of the students are prepared and understand times will be tough.

“Especially when we’re going to be living in the Haitian refugee camps so getting together, getting excited about the project and really bonding as a team is really important," Prindle said.

The students will be departing December 26th.

They will be spending nine days doing infrastructure service and black water treatment projects helping not only Dominicans, but Haitian’s living in the Dominican Republic.